Economical non-scorch summer fertiliser for 2022

15-0-9 [100% N from Nutrilong V90/Onyx] order now

The SmartLawn Lite range is designed to be a short-term fix that can introduce some more economical products during this period of high costs and uncertainty, while still delivering the high product quality and excellent results that you expect to see from GreenBest fertilisers.

These products are designed to be low-cost, compared to the standard range, but will still deliver excellent results to keep your customers happy.

Non-scorch fertiliser

SummerSafeLite works on the same principles of our standard DroughtSafe fertiliser, with 100% of the nitrogen coming from controlled-release/organic sources. To help with the costs, we have reduced the total nitrogen to 15% and removed the phosphorous altogether, with an overall analysis of 15-0-9. This will help keep the product cost low but still deliver the vital nutrients required during the dry summer months.

The Nutrilong V90 will lock off releasing nitrogen while there is no moisture present. The Onyx biostimulant will provide stress-relieving compounds. This will help keep the turf healthy, ready to bounce back once the summer droughts have ended.

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Ideal summer fertiliser

SummerSafeLite is a summer fertiliser suitable for use April to August.

  • Suitable for professional lawn care
  • Non-staining
  • Controlled and organic nitrogen
  • Safe for use on lawns where dogs, cats and children play

Available in 2-3mm granule size only

Application Rate: 25-35 g/sqm
Unit Size: 20kg
Unit Coverage: 570-800 sqm


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