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The ultimate spring/summer lawn fertiliser with slow release nitrogen

20-5-10 +2.5% MgO +2.5%CaO [50% of N from Nutrilong V90] order now

A premium spring and summer fertiliser suitable for use on any domestic lawn. This particular blend is extremely popular in the spring.

Ultimate is formulated with Nutrilong V90 slow release nitrogen to maintain lush growth for up to 3 months without the need for excessive mowing. A proportion of fast release nitrogen is also available for green up and lush growth shortly after application.

The release pattern of Ultimate lawn fertiliser is perfect for spring applications and for application after scarification to encourage the lawn to thicken.Your customers will see a green-up and growth improvement just a few days after treatment.

Ultimate can be applied once the threat of frost is over until late summer. Application from March to August is recommended.

  • Fast and Slow Release
  • Controlled Growth
  • Good Green-Up

Safe for use on lawns where dogs, cats and children play.

Application Rate: 25-35 g/sqm
Unit Size: 20kg
Unit Coverage: 570-800 sqm


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